8 Tips for a Memorable Housewarming Party

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Now that you’re settled in to your new place, it’s time to have your friends over for a housewarming party. Unpack your party essentials after moving and show off your new home with these seven housewarming party ideas.

1. Give Good Directions
When you’re busy throwing a party, the last thing you want to do is spend time on the phone helping guests find your new home. Give explicit directions and your full address when you invite guests to your housewarming party. Even in the age of GPS, it helps to give your guests directions with landmarks. Remember to put a sign and some balloons in your front yard.

2. Theme Your Party
Spice up your housewarming party with a theme. Visit your local party store for inexpensive housewarming party ideas or get crafty and go with a theme inspired by your family’s interests. Your theme can be very simple, such as serving only Italian food, or you can get wild and throw a costume party. If you’ve moved many times, try an adventure or travel-themed party and decorate with maps and posters.

3. Set up Activities
Karaoke, anyone? While you don’t want to over-schedule your housewarming party, you still want to give your guests entertainment options. Set up simple board games or group-friendly video games at stations so your guests can mingle and move from activity to activity. Try setting up a photo “booth” corner with some old costumes, hats and props for taking silly pictures. Encourage guests to use your digital camera to snap pictures of the party for printing or sharing on social media sites.

4. Become a Tour Guide
When you move, your friends and family will want to see your new place. During the party, take small groups on tours around your home. If guided tours aren’t your thing, try a fun scavenger hunt to encourage guests to find all the features of your new home. You can also provide guests with a hand-drawn diagram of the house.

5. Give Your Guests Favors
Moving takes a lot out of you, so don’t stress about giving your guests elaborate favors. Stick with something simple, like a small bag of candy. Don’t forget to offer guests a card or printout with your new address and contact information.

6. Serve Finger Food
Make it simple for guests to mingle and explore your new home. Serve food that can be easily eaten on the go. Vary your menu to include options for vegetarian guests. Try kebabs, finger sandwiches, chips and dip, and small cheese and meat items that can be eaten with toothpicks. Create serving stations in different areas of the house to encourage guests to explore.

7. Create a Drink Menu
Instead of cluttering your kitchen and serving areas with lots of sodas and messy items, create a drink menu with two alcoholic options and two non-alcoholic options. Print out the drink menu on fancy paper or a chalkboard display. You’ll save money and space sticking to a fixed drink menu, and it gives you the opportunity to come up with creative concoctions.

8. Send Thank-You Notes Promptly
While you shouldn’t expect it, guests often bring housewarming gifts to a housewarming party. Though you may be busy with moving tasks and organization, be sure to promptly write and send thoughtful thank-you notes. Your friends and family have taken the time to celebrate your move and new home, and you should show them how much that meant to you in a timely fashion.